Wood 4 Life

Some things even B. Gordon’s team can’t control, and that’s the natural wear and tear on a well-loved structure.  Are you concerned with the amount of time, effort and costs included in maintaining an outdoor structure?  If so, we encourage you to look to us at B. Gordon Builders, Inc. (BGB, Inc.) to handle the care and maintenance of your outdoor structure on a set schedule for as long as you choose.  A Wood4Life Maintenance Free Membership assists in mitigating and minimizing the costs associated with maintenance required due to natural and normal conditions that, over time, wear down the wood that makes up the outdoor structures.

Wood4Life Maintenance “Free” Membership

Customers are encouraged to be a Wood for Life Maintenance Free Member to assist in mitigating and minimizing the costs associated with the maintenance of these natural and normal occurrences. The Wood4Life Maintenance Free Membership does not extend or replace the BGB, Inc, 1 year limited Warranty of Craftsmanship included with the original structure(s) installed.

Wood4Life Maintenance Free Membership is an optional service that is only available for BGB, Inc. structures and customers. The service is designed to keep your outdoor wood structures maintained in the best possible condition in both form and function. Each program is designed specifically based on the type of structure, the materials used and the industry best recommended maintenance practices to keep the structures looking new and extending the value of your investment.

  1. Expiration of Membership: Free membership for the life of the BGB, Inc. structure(s) on the property.
  2. Wood4Life Membership Dues: 
    • No annual dues for the life of the membership.
    • No contract and no obligation.
  3. Wood4Life Membership Services:
    • Input and track the BGB, Inc. Structures paint and/or stain product information with a technology based customer management system. This insures that the same products get used on the BGB, Inc. structure(s) upon refinishing in the future.
    • Consistent and competitive pricing for Wood4Life Members.
    • Wood4Life will contact you annually in the spring to schedule inspection and estimate for additional services.
  4. Wood4Life Recommended Annual Services for BGB structures:
    • Wood4Life Light Power Wash Cleaning and Inspection for all BGB, Inc. structures.
    • Wood4Life Caulking, Sealing and Touch Up Paint. (Price to be determined at inspection)
    • Wood4Life Touch up Stain. (Price to be determined at inspection)
    • Wood4Life Minor Repairs out of Warranty. (Price to be determined at inspection)
  5. Wood4Life Additional Services:
    • Wood4Life Re-Paint and/or Stain BGB, Inc. structure(s) and/or other structure(s). (Price to be determined at inspection)
    • Wood4Life Home Painting for the Exterior and Interior. (Price to be determined at inspection)

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