Making a special impression calls for going above and beyond, often the role of the Arbor’s natural gathering or entertainment appeal. This small to medium structure draws visitors to yard and garden areas as a focal point or visual demarcation device, it can be a sun shade with vegetation or even used to hang a hammock or swing bench.


A Cabana symbolizes a significantly enhanced lifestyle, often used as sleeping quarters for visiting guests and, touting a bathroom and additional outdoor kitchen. An enclosed structure with bi-folding glass entrance ways, Cabanas are detached from the home and typically near a pool.


The centerpiece and yard focal point, Decks can be a symmetrical or exotic extension of the inner home, varying as much in shape, size, scope and materials as people can vary in desire and imagination.

Fences & Screens:

Artwork, accents or integrated view modifiers, fences can enclose a yard or storage area or even divide two types of yard themes. A tranquility garden here, a vegetable garden there, and a more artfully landscaped or high traffic area, all perfectly linked. Fences also block wind, create shade, or enhance your yard’s lushness by fostering plant growth.


An outdoor living room or deck sitting area, Pavilions are stand-alone, open-sided structures with solid, weather-tight roofs. They’re often home to BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, or backyard fireplaces.


Beautiful yard additions, Pergolas are elegant structures that provide limited or full shade over a designated yard area, like a patio. Various uses include growing vine plants or extending vegetation, entertaining where and when partial shade is needed, and converting patios or decks into beautiful crafted, unique areas.

Signature Structures