At B. Gordon Builders, Inc. (BGB, Inc.), we take great pride in providing designs that not only meet our customer’s expectations, but exceed them.  Providing work of this quality since 1990 has earned us a good reputation that we continually strive to maintain.  In order to complete the designs, project management becomes a crucial aspect in the process.  BGB, Inc. always seeks to improve, streamline, and innovate building techniques and management procedures in order to increase efficiency and meet or reduce project completion timelines.  In the construction industry, it is not uncommon that unexpected challenges and delays present themselves, but with over 20 years of experience, BGB, Inc. has the knowledge and professionalism to calculate risk forecasts prior to beginning every project in order to minimize the chances of common setbacks and overcome obstacles.

Common steps to beginning a project with us include:

  • Feasibility Assessment / Site Review – This is the initial step in which, together, we examine your property and consider if the particular structure and/or the landscape renovation of interest is suitable not only for your yard, but for the neighborhood and homeowner’s association as well. We will then assess any items of possible concern, such as demolition of existing structures, grading, special challenges of access to the yard, etc.
  • Outside Design Consulting and Contractors – If you already have a landscape architect or designer that you want to use, then that is fine with us! We at B. Gordon Builders are always eager to work with any professional, as we are professionals ourselves, in order to complete your dream yard.  Whether BGB, Inc. is managing the entire scope of your yard renovation, or just one structure, we are committed to treating each client with the same level of enthusiasm and provide the same diligent effort.
  • Preliminary Design Session – BGB, Inc. has installed thousands of custom structures in hundreds of yards across the East Bay.  BGB, Inc. has an experienced eye for what might work best under the description of your wants and needs. Together, we will review our design portfolio to choose the ideal structure(s) before we provide any final proposal. If you desire, we can even provide you a preliminary sketch up.
  • Working Drawings and Permit Processing – With each project, we complete a series of drawings.  These drawings range from initial sketches, to working drawings, and final draft plans.  Certain projects we build are so grand in scale, engineering speculations may be necessary to obtain and incorporate into the final plans in order to be stamped and approved by the County to begin work in your yard.

Design & Project Management